Emy's Salsa Aji ®

Emy’s Salsa Aji ® (pronounced Ahh-hee) is unique from most salsas in both appearance and taste. One look at the jar will tell you that you’re in for something very special. This specialty food product guarantees freshness and flavor.
Emy’s Salsa Aji ® es superior a las otras salsas picantes en calidad, sabor y presencia. Al observarla se aprecia lo especial y única que es. Este producto de especialidad ofrece calidad, frescura, sabor, para poder garantizar su permanente calidad, sabor y presencia.

Unique & Authentic Flavors

Fresh & Natural Ingredients

Emy’s Salsa Aji ® is an original salsa aji, available in spicy and mild flavors. We also make spicy and mild versions of its pineapple and mango salsa.

About Us

Emy's Salsa Aji ®

Emy’s Salsa Aji ® (pronounced ahh-hee) makes a variety of salsa flavors that they sell wholesale. The company was founded in 2008 and distributes salsa across the United States and Mexico.

Fresh Ingredients

The salsas are made in a modern FDA approved production plant that retains their original flavor and texture. Its manufacturing process guarantees its freshness and its flavor. 

Wholesale Options

Purchase Emy’s Salsa Aji ® by the jar or wholesale quantities. Buy Emy’s Salsa Aji® for food service or wholesale pallets or sell 11.5-ounce glass jars in your grocery store. Contact us for wholesale options.

Customer Service

Not sure which salsa aji will be right for you? Having questions about purchasing?  Our team is here to help! We love to hear from our customers, so please feel free to contact us.


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